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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pro Sports Ltd. Q & A

1. When were you first certified as an NFL Agent?

Robert E. Riemer has been a certified NFL Contract Advisor since 1987.

2. What other experience do you have?

Resume of Agent Robert E. Riemer:

SCALE Accelerated Honors Program-Los Angeles,
Juris Doctorate, June 1980

B.A. Economics, May 1978, with Honors
Director of the University Legal Clinic and Director of the
Segregated Fee Allocation Committee

1985 - Present LAW OFFICES OF ROBERT E. RIEMER, A Professional Law Corporation
Sports and Motion Picture Production
Business and Real Estate Litigation

1985 - Present PRO SPORTS, LTD
Professional athletic representation, contract negotiation, career counseling and legal services to professional athletes

NFL Certified Contract Advisor (1987)
CFL Certified Contract Advisor (1998)
NBA Certified Player Agent (1989)
NCAA Certified Athletic Advisor (1989)
Admitted to State Bar of California at age 24 (1980)
Twenty-Six years as a Civil Litigator in Southern California.
State Bar of California (December, 1980)
United States District Court, Ninth Circuit (May, 1982)
Los Angeles Trial Lawyers Association (May, 1982)
United States Court of Appeals (March, 1990)
Judicial Panel of Arbitrators (January, 1991)
Consumer Attorney of California (1995)
Entertainment and Sports Forum Member (1985)
Beverly Hills Bar Association (1999)
Director of Legal Affairs for Animal Rescue Volunteers, a California Non-Profit Corporation
Director of Legal Affairs for My Last Wish Foundation, a California Non-Profit Corporation
Director of Legal Affairs for Without A Trace Ministry, a California Non-Profit Corporation.

3. Can you supply me with a list of current and former clients?

We'll be happy to provide you with a hard copy version of our entire client roster including current and former clients. Our former clients include WR Jerheme Urban of the SEATTLE SEAHAWKS and FB Trevor Bollers of JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS.

Our former client Jeremy McKinney made the lead block for Emmitt Smith when he broke the all-time rushing record. Jeremy played for the RAMS, BROWNS, and COWBOYS.

We presently represent 7 professional football players including DB Tod McBride, UCLA star and former RAM, SEAHAWK, FALCON, and PACKER.

4. What services do you offer to your clients other than contract negotiations?

Situated as we are in Beverly Hills, CA, we have contacts throughout the Entertainment Industry. We specialize in getting undrafted free agents prepared for the transition from college to professional football. We have our clients meet with our trainer to address training issues and NFL camp preparation. We provide comprehensive services on an as-needed basis. If a client already has a stable of professionals such as C.P.A., Tax Attorney, Financial Advisor that's fine. We will then just "quarterback" the client's career to make sure that the "big picture" gets every bit as much attention as the day-to-day details.

5. What have you done to advance the careers of your clients on and off the field?

On the field, we have an aggressive player marketing approach for all different phases of a player's career, from pre-draft, to pre-restricted free agency, to pre-unrestricted free agency. This includes heavy team contact.

Off the field, we work with our clients to prepare them for various stages of their career. We want to see our clients be successful in all walks of life.

6. Do you provide an annual statement to your clients? May I see an example?

Yes. In fact, we are required to do so by the NFLPA Regulations Governing Contract Advisors. Just ask and we'll send a sample!

7. How do you keep your clients informed of charges?

All of our fees and expenses are clearly contained in our Player-Agent contract, which is a standard representation agreement required by the NFL Players Association.

8. What is your fee structure?

Our fees are three percent (3%) of all compensation we negotiate for and on behalf of our client.

9. What is the duration of your client contract?

In accordance with NFLPA Regulations Governing Contract Advisors, our contracts run until terminated by either side.

10. What are the procedures for terminating the agreement?

In accordance with NFLPA Regulations Governing Contract Advisors, all that is required is written notice sent via certified mail, with a copy to the NFLPA.

11. What happens to our agreement if I fail to make the team; if I am waived; or if I get injured?

Nothing. We continue to work to find you other professional opportunities. Our commitment to you remains the same regardless of the "ups" or "downs" of your career. We endeavor to help you with the short and long-term planning of your careeer as a professional athlete, and your goals after retirement.

12. If I am likely to be a free agent, how can you help maximize my chances of making a team?

We have a well-crafted Client Preparation Plan which we use to help you maximize your preparedness for professional tryouts. We work to make sure that every team knows about your talent and your willingness to work hard to help their team. We also make sure that teams understand the full context of your situation and how to accurately asses your potential to help them win games. Teams know they can trust us to provide accurate and reliable information about our clients, and that we work with our clients to have them well-prepared for tryouts.

13. Do you have any connections with NFL Europe, the CFL, or the Arena Football League?

Yes. We have represented players in all of these leagues, and even Arena 2. Sometimes the path to the NFL runs through other professional leagues, and we can help you get there! Mr. Riemer is also a certified Canadian Football Agent.

14. What is the best way to contact you?

Either via e-mail at or via phone (all contact details are listed below in the previous post). For recruits and clients we also maintain a toll-free "800" number.

We look forward to answering more questions for you. Contact us today!

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Contacting Pro Sports Ltd.

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